Pain and Art

Image of two small brightly coloured paintings of boab trees.  They were entered into an exhibition to raise funds for cancer.
My entry in the 9×5 Fundraiser. Almost all of the 75 paintings sold!

Pain is a big part of my life, I so wish it wasn’t as I spend way too much time thinking about it, trying to avoid it and trying to find natural ways to relieve it. (chronic neck, shoulder and back pain – thanks to Arthritis).

In some ways pain is the reason I use bright colours and crazy designs. Art takes me into a space where I can switch off and lose myself for a while, until the nagging starts anyway.

I worry that one day the pain will become to great and I will lose my ability to paint and draw, to use the computer to explore new worlds and look at all the beautiful creations in nature and in others’ studios.

I hope that day never comes… I am off to my studio to work on my latest creation, a mosaic to name the property I share with some of my children and grandchildren. My daily escape….

An image of a mosaic sign, still to be glued and grouted.  Sign Says: Lambsmith Lodge
Lambsmith Lodge sign, waiting to be stuck down and grouted.

2022 was going to be so much better

Well, here we are, 5 months in and the promise of a better year has so far been very disappointing for most of us. The pandemic has become less newsworthy, as we have had major flooding and more extreme weather conditions. However, in Australia the fixation is on the upcoming election. The cost of living has been manipulated into being the focal point as a means of trying to distract us from the global environmental crisis we are facing.

She’ll be right mate!

My focus this far this year has been on finishing my study, trying to improve my health, finding new ideas for my “Art for the Heart” groups and for the Mallee Artists. My groups have enjoyed working with clay and are keen to try mosaics after my recent dabbling. Personally I haven’t made much art, just a lot of little watercolours and a couple of paintings. I have finally finished studying Cert IV in Disability so I should have more time to paint.

The Sketchbook Project 2021

I decided to participate in the Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook project. I purchased the little sketchbook for $30 USA and had it sent to me in Aus. I was a bit disappointed in the paper quality, however I tackled the project with my usual enthusiasm and now it is ready to send back to Brooklyn to become part of their library of sketchbooks by artists from all around the world. If you want to find out more about the project, visit their website:

Below is a slideshow of my sketchbook.

2019 … Fruit Season

So I seem to be interested in fruit this year. Maybe it is because I live in the middle of a fruit growing area, maybe it is because I just love fruit! I am fortunate that cherries are usually ripe around my birthday in November, so that’s always a treat. Then we move into the stone fruit season and although we have a few trees, we are still learning about getting the best quality so I end up buying some from the local growers. I am trying really hard to grow some citrus, they are so versatile, especially lemons.

My apple above is a mixed media using collage, impasto and acrylic paint. This painting will be part of an exhibition “Paddock to Plate”, by the Mallee Artists of Swan Hill in June/July this year at Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery.

I am also working on a pear using torn paper collage and paint plus a much larger work referencing lemons in a variety of ways including history and song lyrics.

Re-creating myself

This is it!  My final year of working for someone else!  I am not sure if I am terrified or excited or both!  In 2019 I will be running my own business… “Thrive On Counselling and Art Therapy”.  Art as therapy is my thing… I love working people to unleash their creativity through workshops and individual sessions.  Whether its painting, doodling or collage this kind of creativity is about the process, not the end product.  Of course its also nice to have something at the end that you like!  So.. watch this space for more information about workshops and how to get creative!

Polystyrene Print 

Art Journalling an introduction 

Love this guide to journalling!

tesswyatt's Blog

I facilitated an introduction to art journalling for some group workers and counsellors in Dunfermline yesterday – they are hoping to introduce some journalling to their clients so I have written an outline of the session. ( The group had a big range of art experience , from seasoned art makers to those who were quite anxious of using art materials )

I have been art journalling with my friend Debbie and following Shelley Klammer , Lisa Sonora and Orly Avineri – so they have influenced my work heavily . I also draw from my art practice and teaching experience

This CPD session shows you how to start art journaling – using simple techniques to explore feelings and emotions through art materials – have fun using found images, explore collage and expressive techniques with crayons and

Materials and equipment

Pastels and paint

Sample technique books

Examples of journals

Blank journals

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