Sizzling Summer

I think we had all forgotten what summer was really like here in the Mallee.  For the past

painting of dry lake bed
A painting of the dry lake bed. Lake Boga, 2010

few years we have had hot summers but not days and days of over 40c.  We have just come out of the third or fourth heat wave and are blissfully enjoying a brief reprieve today.  Temperatures are tipped to go 40+ again for a couple of days … I am really looking forward to Friday … cooler and rain forecast (we can but dream).

There are some worrying news reports about our precious waterways.  We were promised Lake Boga would never be dry again, however water is to be pumped out again… I just hope not too much!

The Great Barrier Reef is under a new threat … as reported on Getup “Millions of cubic metres of sea floor is being removed from the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area right now. It’s the largest dredging project ever undertaken in Australia,making way for massive new coal seam gas export facilities.

This massive industrial activity is damaging the Great Barrier Reef and threatens its status as a World Heritage Site.”

Campaign site: Getup


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