Pain and Art

Image of two small brightly coloured paintings of boab trees.  They were entered into an exhibition to raise funds for cancer.
My entry in the 9×5 Fundraiser. Almost all of the 75 paintings sold!

Pain is a big part of my life, I so wish it wasn’t as I spend way too much time thinking about it, trying to avoid it and trying to find natural ways to relieve it. (chronic neck, shoulder and back pain – thanks to Arthritis).

In some ways pain is the reason I use bright colours and crazy designs. Art takes me into a space where I can switch off and lose myself for a while, until the nagging starts anyway.

I worry that one day the pain will become to great and I will lose my ability to paint and draw, to use the computer to explore new worlds and look at all the beautiful creations in nature and in others’ studios.

I hope that day never comes… I am off to my studio to work on my latest creation, a mosaic to name the property I share with some of my children and grandchildren. My daily escape….

An image of a mosaic sign, still to be glued and grouted.  Sign Says: Lambsmith Lodge
Lambsmith Lodge sign, waiting to be stuck down and grouted.

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