Z is for Zombie

Lockdown has been an opportunity for me to fulfil a dream. Publish a children’s book. I spent 5 months ‘stuck’ in USA with my youngest daughter and her family, which actually was wonderful! Spending time with them and taking a step back, getting lots of hugs and finding time to draw or paint every day is a time I will truly treasure.

I was commissioned to create a series of A-Z drawings to be used as placemats for children using play dough. I thoroughly enjoyed the discipline of daily drawing and when it was completed I was reminded that I had a project in the back of my head for some time. an A-Z of mythology/fantasy for children.

And so the drawings began, along with lots of research. I quickly discovered that most of the familiar creatures were from Greek or Norse mythology. I wasn’t satisfied with that and so I embarked on a journey to explore some of the lesser known stories, myths and legends.

This book is the end result of that journey. I am excited to announce that the book is now at the publishers and will be available for purchase before Christmas 2020 in softcover or e-book format.

Here is a sneak peek of the front cover, the letter A and some of the artwork.


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